A Public Nuisance


Have courage in your curiosity! Get on it, get going, get gone, be gone, do what it was you were doing, do what it was you weren't doing, just because you think you have the answer doesn't mean you should stop searching, you’re an outsider, make your mistakes, its how your world works, so stop looking behind you, you wont see what’s in front, keep moving, never stop, leave a trail, let them say holy shit! What was that?...THAT WAS YOU my friend! let them remember who you are, where they met you, what you did, whatever that was or whenever that was, imagine the possibilities, you’re awake whilst they sleep, you live whilst they exist, make it your decision, make it your story, its only your imagination that any of this really happened…IT’S JUST A RIDE!

'it was said that Craig Stecyk who it was who introduced an outlaw edge to skate boarding's visual lexicon, most notably in the shape of graffiti at a time when it was still considered a low rent public nuisance, on a par with fly tipping, rather than art'.