Jackpot Peanut butter

‘if it ain’t in the pot, it ain’t worth jack’
To celebrate the launch of our 'jackpot motherfucking peanut butter' T-shirt, we've succumb to preasure and decided to make peanut butter.
Freshly made each week in our London kitchen. Jackpot 'original' is a smooth and creamy peanut butter, the peanuts are double roasted for a richer flavour.
The PB comes in 500ml jars, making for a long lasting pot, with flavour to savourLater in the year, we'll be launching 250ml pots of flavours including; chocolate chip, sweet and spicy and for over 18’s, our favorite, bourbon. 
There’s a warning on the jar: ‘no matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, never feed him after midnight’, a nod to a favorite movie of ours, Gremlins II.
JMFPB is now available at The Peanut Vendor and Ruby and Norms in east London. Keep posted as we'll sell on line very soon.

James (aki) Naimi-Akbar
James (aki) Naimi-Akbar