The underground & discovery

The underground is an amazing place full of wonders and mystical beasts  you aren't aware of because you aren't cool enough. Rappers don't exist, only anarchist poets with impeccable rhythm and a new sound explore this zone. They produce illegitimate, cross gender children with models from the eastern block, wearing clothes you thought were plumbing supplies. Expression through art is a thing of the past, sign painters are the new Zeitgeist and re-runs of Ready Steady Cook their muse.
Unfortunately, this could be the state of the modern underground as people push harder and harder to be seen as something separated from the common man. Global communication changed the world, the internet truly did change everything and it can truly be said for the better. Every musician you could only ever see once a month at a garage come club night now exist on the internet. They could have 10,000,000 followers on Facebook or 27 it doesn't change the fact that 14 year old Hachiro in Seto, Japan has just stumbled across them through a failed Google search, now him and his friends have their entire back catalogue. Everyone can reach everything through the comfort of their own home and the secret handshake is now a search bar.
This in no way upsets me, 'the underground' is a term coined by douche bags with a higher threshold for vanity. "You wouldn't of heard of them before" Why wouldn't you of heard of them before? Sorry, someone told you about the hottest new sock maker and now that makes you a better person then me... I dream about those alpaca socks making you slip on the stairs. People love nostalgia, no one is immune to this curse, we'll all believe in some way the time before now was better then our current state of affairs. If people think that in the past when a local band was just a local band and that makes the memories more important then let them carry on. As I said before, this can only be blamed upon vanity. Once we all give in to the fact that sharing our knowledge on a subject doesn't pollute the waters around us but distils them into something better we can all start to just get on with it.
The creative sector has very few exceptions to the rule that once the underground goes mainstream then the underground is over. When do the exceptions take place? The fashion industry is built upon following trends, once the most popular is chosen then the market is flooded and even those built upon the strongest foundations without evolving get lost to the wayside. I guess really my point would be just because something has become mainstream you shouldn't deny yourself from it. If you think your love for that person or object is stronger then another's don't curse them, just continue doing what makes it yours. Without fail though don't continually push to be underground.
No one was there for everything, except it and enjoy what you're part of.

roo walton
roo walton