Be seen when you want to be seen

This should not come as a statement of intent but a fact of advanced human nature. We got to this point by climbing out of the animal kingdom, now the time of the loudest Silverback and the fanciest peacock is dead. In everyday life you will encounter the bruiser who believes his roar gets him the first pick, unfortunately for him evolution sided with us. 
Physicality and looks are now a thing of the past. It is in your brain's ability to be noticed when it wants to be, that has made you, the Alpha to their Omega. It is apparent that square jaws and neck tattoos will get you somewhere in life, but then is that where you aim to go? The same can be said for tight tops and short skirts, is it your need to be noticed for these informalities or for the power your foresight.
Being seen when you want to be seen does not mean "Come Friday night I'm putting on my good shirt and hitting the town." Its a well timed joke, a unique word, a folded hanky. Have confidence as an adult that the playground is far behind you, impressing people is your decision and you can be heir apparent to your home made crown.
Camouflage is not a defence but an ability we are all born with, there is no problem with fitting in with the crowd, it will get you far in life but not far enough. Progression must not be a goal but an innate need, so stand up and be noted at your calling.

roo walton
roo walton