SKATE&CHIPS - A collaboration with 55DSL & APN

In June we launched our first collaboration with street brand '55DSL' which, after 20yrs was to be their last collaboration. The APN theme 'SKATE & CHIPS' was our inspirationshowing the heritage of the brand through Americana (Skate) and of the British sea-side (Chips).
Taking  the APN historical design through our skateboard heritage, 55DSL added their own touch to create a one off 55” custom decal APN cruiser deck. There was only ever 20 produced, numbered 94 – 14, celebrating every year from 1994 to 2014 of the 55DSL brand. 
Photographer Ollie Groves ( headed on down and shot Skate & Chips in the APN home town of Hastings, its not all Santa Cruz and Laguna Beach, we know what influences us, we also know where we come from...





We held the launch party and exhibition, at the Hoxton Gallery in London's east (thanks Kevin), check out the video of people eating chip..
55DSL x APN | Skate & Chips from 55DSL on Vimeo.

rupert leigh
rupert leigh